Ozone Blood Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Blood Ozone Therapy

Since ozone’s discovery in the 1840s, it has been considered just another gas on earth. However, recently, scientists have found it profoundly valuable for treating many diseases and health conditions.

For decades, people have practiced ozone therapy in various medical contexts. It became controversial when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that ozone is toxic and doesn’t have enough evidence of being safe or effective for medical use in 2019.

Despite FDA’s warnings, some research suggests that ozone stimulates the immune system to treat medical conditions. In fact, it is effective for disinfecting medical supplies.

Want to find out more about ozone blood therapy? Keep reading!

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    What is Ozone Blood Therapy?

    Ozone blood infusion therapy is a medical procedure where blood is taken out from the patient’s body, enriched with ozone gas, and injected into the bloodstream.

    Ozone, a colorless gas, is a form of oxygen. It is typically found in the upper atmosphere, protecting the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

    Nevertheless, some scientists believe that the ozone gas can offer therapeutic benefits to several diseases. The 2011 review states that ozone therapy can help in treating –

    • Arthritis
    • Viral diseases, such as SARS and HIV
    • Ischemic heart disease
    • Cancer
    • Muscular degeneration

    Currently, researchers are exploring how ozone therapy affects the human body to recognize potential therapeutic benefits.

    How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

    According to a 2018 study, when ozone gas is mixed with bodily fluids, such as blood, it can cause reactions that trigger the formation of more red blood cells and proteins. When injected, it helps in increasing the oxygen level in the body. Additionally, ozone therapy can prevent wound infection because it works as a disinfectant.

    What Conditions Can Ozone Therapy Blood Cleansing Treat?

    Ozone treatment blood transfusion may help in treating various diseases and health conditions. However, more research is needed to say anything conclusive.

    Diabetes –

    Ozone therapy can be useful in lowering the risk of complications associated with diabetes. Because complications often result from oxidative stress, a 2018 research study reported that ozone could help in correcting it by triggering the antioxidant and immune system to reduce swelling and inflammation.

    A 2015 study highlighted that ozone therapy could aid wound healing, which is a common symptom of diabetes. Similarly, a 2019 study was able to find that ozone therapy could help reduce the chances of infection and close wounds for individuals with diabetic foot ulcers.

    Breathing Disorders –

    It may help patients with breathing disorders to try ozone therapy. As ozone therapy works by increasing blood oxygen levels, it can lessen the stress on the lungs to provide oxygen to the blood.

    A 2014 study found COPD patients injected with ozone mixture witnessed an improvement in their ability to exercise quality of life.

    Immune Disorders –

    People with immune disorders may benefit from ozone therapy because it helps stimulate the body’s immune system. 2018 study results say, injecting blood mixed with ozone into the bodies of HIV patients helped reduce the viral load for more than two years. With lesser viral load, patients can witness long-term health benefits.

    What are the Other Benefits of UV Ozone Blood Therapy?

    Ozone blood transfusion works by interacting with the body to restore its natural functions and help them operate at an optimum level. The research indicates that, ozone therapy has mixed outcomes, but many of them are positive. Many clinical trials are currently in progress to test its effectiveness in treating various diseases, such as arthritis and heart disease.

    According to a 2018 study, ozone therapy may be beneficial in enhancing the range of motion in people with knee osteoarthritis. The usefulness of ozone has also been rigorously studied in dentistry. A 2019 research study highlighted that ozonated water could work as a disinfectant while performing root canals. Additionally, it may also be helpful in desensitizing exposed dentin.

    A research study says, ozone therapy can play a role in inactivating –

    • Virus
    • Bacteria
    • Yeast
    • Fungi
    • Protozoa

    What is the Ozone Blood Therapy Cost?

    Medical practitioners can only perform Ozone blood therapy, which costs around $500-$1000 per sitting in clinics. There is also the option of rectal insufflation at home, which is equally effective as ozone blood therapy but is more cost-effective. It costs around $1500-$2000 to buy ozone equipment and do it yourself at home. Simply O3 is one of the best companies we know, which has excellent customer service and oxygen that is 100% medical grade. You can view their kits here.

    Wrapping Up

    We can say that ozone blood therapy shows some promise by offering multiple health benefits. There are several products that offer ozone therapy, but it should be administered only under the supervision of a licensed naturopathic or medical practitioner. If you have questions regarding ozone therapy and want to find out whether it is right for your condition, you must speak to your doctor for further information and assistance.

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