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What is Ozone Water Treatment and How Ozonated Water Works

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    1. What is Ozonated water?

    Ozone water refers to the water which has been scientifically treated with Ozone gas. This chemical reaction between water and Ozone gas is known to reduce contaminants which are present in the water such as bacteria, viruses, other waterborne pathogens and metals. This reduction in contaminants is done because of the oxidative strength of Ozone gas. This treatment of water with ozone gas begins with the creation of ozone gas in an artificial ozone generator for water. Later, this artificially created ozone gas is injected into water. Consequently, this leads to oxidation of bacteria, viruses, and parasites which weakens, ruptures, and kills their respective cells. This oxidation ultimately leads to an elimination and reduction in the contaminants which are present in the polluted water.

    There have been many recent developments in the area revolving around ozone gas and how it can be used for the benefit of those people who suffer from medical ailments. Following the same line, ozone water comes across as an elixir of life which serves multiple benefits. Read down below to decode the possible benefits which are associated with ozone water.

    2. What are the benefits of ozone water treatment

    Ozone water treatment acts as a life savior for various health conditions. Consumption of ozone water leads to numerous health benefits. Mainly, regular consumption of ozone water helps in disinfection purposes, cleaning purposes, and dental practice by dentist. It is also known to uplift a person’s health and immune system and thereby enhance the quality of life. Adding on to it, drinking ozone water helps in killing harmful yeast which is present in the gut, breaks down synthetic chemicals, purifies the blood from harmful cells, increases the oxygen content sent to the brain and accelerates the process of detoxification of the body.

    It also aids the reduction of inflammation in your body, which helps in further reduction of the symptoms of migraines, digestive disorders, and arthritis. This reduction in inflammation is also helpful if someone suffers from rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease.

    3. Ozonated water for cancer patients

    The most surprising health benefit associated with ozone water treatment is aiding the rehabilitation process by accelerating your fight against cancer. This can be done by regular consumption of ozone water. Thereby, Ozone water treatment comes across as a catalyst to conventional medical treatments involved in the diagnosis of various types of cancers.

    Ozonated Water

    4. What is the procedure of ozone water treatment?

    Now, let’s put some more light on the procedure which is involved in ozone water treatment and what is the use of ozone generators in the production of ozone water. Ozone water is created by using energy through artificial ozone generators for water.

    It can be done through various types of ozone generators such as CD type ozone generators, and the UV type ozone generators. Apart from this, ozone water can also be produced through electrolytic and chemical reactions.

    Ozone generators are typically classified under three sub heads: the control mechanism (either a voltage or frequency unit), the cooling mechanism (either water, air, or water plus oil) and the physical arrangement of the dielectrics (either vertical or horizontal).

    The most commonly used method is the electrical discharge method under which ozone gas comes in contact with a controlled, uniform high voltage discharge at a variable high or low frequency in the ozone generator.  This leads to a production of 0.5 to 3% ozone gas which is later injected into the water or the water is channelized through the contact chamber.

    5. What is the use of ozone water in water treatment?

    Ozone water therapy is very useful in disinfecting polluted water. This disinfection is done through the oxidizing properties of ozone gas which helps to kill the bacteria, viruses and cysts that are present in the water. Also, there is no risk of resistance build up or immunity if purification of water is done through ozone water treatment. Ozone is preferred over all other disinfectants for water treatment since it is 51% stronger from other disinfectants such as chlorine. Thus, one of the most prominent and commonly utilized benefits of ozone water treatment is that it is used to purify polluted water and thereby make it fit for consumption.

    6. How to use ozone water?

    A thorough reading of this blog would have made you familiar with the concept of ozone water treatment and how this treatment is gaining popularity within medical practitioners as it enhances the recovery rate, has a low to minimal risk rate and owns the crown of high success rate. Thus, it becomes crucial to understand how to use ozone water in your everyday life to reap all the extreme benefits.

    In order to reap the benefits of ozone water, you can start by consciously consuming ozone water at regular intervals in your daily life. For the first week, you can start by larger intervals and a lower frequency of consumption. Later, you can decrease the time gap between intervals and thereby increase the frequency at which you are consuming ozone water. However, in order to produce ozonated water you will have to follow the procedure which has been listed earlier in this blog.

    Consequently, this blog has aimed to answer question regarding ozone water treatment. It has even answered various questions ranging from the procedure, benefits, usage of ozonated water in cancer.

    Also, it becomes important to point out that ozone water treatment is free from any side effects as ozone water only comes across as the purest form of water. Thus, you can freely and without two minds get indulged in ozone water treatment.


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