Rectal Insufflation Therapy

Ozone Insufflation Therapy and How Does It Help?

Ozone Insufflation Therapy

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    Ozone therapy treatment is found to be successful for many health conditions and ailments. There are various ways through which ozone therapy treatment is administered like insufflations, limb bagging or cupping, autohemotherapy etc. Insufflations are also categorised further like rectal insufflation, sinus insufflation, ear insufflation, bladder insufflation and vaginal insufflation. Insufflations are usually done at least weekly but therapy can be provided 3-5 times a week for increased control of symptoms.

    Sinus insufflation involves the passing of ozone through the oil and then inhaled through the nose using a nasal cannula. Ozone entering the body here helps white blood cells to produce antibodies to fight against infections of the nasal passageway. It helps address issues of the sinus cavity as well like acute upper respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis etc.

    During ear insufflation, ozone gas is introduced into the ears through a modified stethoscope. This helps with brain fog, ear infections, tinnitus and vertigo.

    Bladder insufflation is conducted by introducing a catheter into the bladder which drains the bladder. The procedure followed helps in treating interstitial cystitis, bladder infections, chronic prostatitis, urethral infections etc. Similarly, vaginal insufflation is administered by slowly infusing ozone gas into the vagina through the catheter. Here ozone finds its way into the uterus and abdominal cavity which helps treat female related issues like PMS, endometriosis, candida, etc.

    Most of the studies related to the application of ozone in the medical field are conducted by directly ozonating the blood by different methods. One of them that is a widely used method of administering ozone is rectal insufflation which is simple and light on the pocket.

    What is Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

    Rectal insufflation involves introducing ozone into the body through the rectum. Although oxygen has been introduced rectally during surgery for years as it gets absorbed easily by the walls of the colon and is similar is the behaviour of ozone. Rectal insufflation helps treat various colon related disorders and is also absorbed efficiently into the bloodstream. This is a good alternative for intravenous methods of ozone treatment as it is relatively easy and less costly and does not involve the use of a needle for patients with needle aversion.

    During Rectal insufflation, a mix of ozone/oxygen is introduced through a catheter into the colon which helps address inflammation and fight pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites etc. It also helps restore healthy gut flora.

    Rectal insufflation ozone therapy is very helpful for patients suffering from illnesses related to the gut, colon or liver. It has proven to be providing complete relief instead of temporary treatment which helps subside symptoms for a while.

    During rectal insufflation, pure, medical-grade ozone is introduced directly into the colon. Approximately 200cc of ozone is administered into the colon through the rectal catheter. This ozone is rapidly absorbed by the walls of the colon.

    The set-up one is required for rectal insufflation of ozone is as follows:

    • Catheter
    • Ozone collection bag
    • Lubricant

    While following the procedure, it is necessary to consult a health practitioner beforehand.

    • The process involves attaching a catheter to a bag containing ozone.
    • Lubricate the end of the catheter and anal area
    • Lie on your back or side with knees folded toward the chest
    • Start inserting the catheter gradually up to 4 inches into the rectum
    • Detach the white clamp to let the gas flow out of the bag into the rectum
    • Roll the end of bag and squeeze air in over 1-2 minutes. Keep a note of any discomfort or rectal irritation during the procedure and follow your pace.
    • Remove catheter once done
    • Refrain from having a bowel movement or passing gas for at least 30 min after the procedure is conducted.

    This treatment is usually recommended once daily for 3 weeks, then 1 week off, then 1-3 times a week thereafter as maintenance.

    Rectal insufflation is a valuable addition to the medical field as it treats the root cause of the problem and provides complete relief. It helps provide many health benefits like :

    • Decreases toxins existing in the intestines
    • Strengthen the immune system and fights pathogens
    • Eliminates bacteria, parasites, viruses from the gut
    • Helps restore intestinal functions to an optimal state
    • Reduces chronic inflammation in the body
    • Normalise microcirculation, stimulates regeneration of intestinal epithelium
    • The procedure is simple and free of adverse effects
    • Acts as a local anti-inflammatory and disinfectant

    What is ozone therapy used for

    Ozone gas therapy uses ozone to deliver health benefits and address various health conditions . There are various methods of administering the therapy depending on the ailment and type of procedure followed. It is considered a safe therapy as it is non-invasive and simple to perform.

    The main underlying cause of all degenerative diseases is oxidative stress. Ozone therapy oxidises the cells which stimulate them to produce more energy which further helps fight off infection and regain a healthy body. Ozone therapy triggers the white blood cells to produce cytokines which stimulate the immune system to fight off the pathogens and restores optimal functions of the body.

    Ozone therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of health conditions like :

    • Cancer
    • Heart ailments
    • Autoimmune disease
    • Arthritis
    • Diabetes
    • Skin and hair related disorders-acne/pimples
    • Herpes
    • Wounds and ulcers
    • In dentistry

    Ozone Therapy has got numerous health benefits which include:

    1. Ozone therapy is a natural treatment
    2. Helps improve the immune function of the body
    3. Helps reverse many chronic ailments
    4. Acts as an effective detoxifier for the body
    5. Provides pain relief
    6. Heals wounds, ulcers and other skin conditions
    7. Capable of reversing brain tissue damage

    Once the therapy is undertaken for a particular health condition, one needs to undergo a series of ozone therapy sessions before you see any results and effects. The time taken depends on the patients’ general health condition. One can notice some improvement after 3-4 sessions.

    To get more information about ozone therapy treatments, you may get in touch with us at official website.

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