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Best Medical Ozone Therapy Treatment in 2022

Medical ozone therapy utilizes medical-grade ozone for curing various diseases and conditions, such as infected wounds, microbial infections, and immunological diseases, such as AIDS, etc. The ability of ozone to balance the immune response to various diseases, such as calming down the immune system if its hyperactivity is causing the disease and firing it up in case the disease is making it inactive

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    Medical ozone therapy treatments are research-backed and go way back to the 19th century when ozone gas was used medically.

    In 2022, medical ozone therapy treatments can be taken at registered medical institutions and at home as well.

    Here, we discuss ozone therapy in detail and explore its various health benefits, the various diseases and body conditions it can cure, and how you can take the therapy at home.

    Overview: What Is Medical Ozone Therapy?

    Medical ozone therapy uses medical-grade ozone gas that is inserted into the body, via the natural body cavities, such as anus, vagina, etc. (ozone insufflation), or into the bloodstream via an IV. The ozone gas can also be directly focused on the affected area such as a wound to speed up the healing process.

    While the IV-based and insufflation therapies are generally administered by expert nurses, people with mild conditions and medical-grade ozone generators can do the therapy at home as well. The at-home ozone therapy can also be done via ozonated creams and gels that are applied over the infected area to speed up healing.

    However, we recommend using only high-quality ozone generators that come from reputed manufacturers.

    Next, we discuss the working of ozone therapy.

    Ozone Therapy: How it Works?

    Ozone therapy oxidizes and damages the cell walls of disease-causing microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc. It also prohibits the cell growth of disease-causing microorganisms and destroys the cell capsids of viruses. Thus, it disrupts their reproductive cycle and stops them from spreading the disease further.

    Further, Ozone therapy treatments stimulate our Oxygen metabolism and enhance the working of red blood cells. They also activate the immune system, as mentioned earlier.

    Now, you might ask – “How does medical ozone therapy work in critical diseases?”

    Ozone therapy speeds up the release of some of the most crucial proteins, such as Interferons, Tumor Necrosis Factor, and Interleukins. All of them stop the spread of disease-causing cells, such as cancer cells, and help the patient to recover.

    Finally, Ozone therapy also fights aging by sending a blast of fresh oxygen down to the cells.

    How Does Medical Ozone Therapy Treatment Help In Different Diseases? 


    Medical ozone therapy and cancer are deeply connected as medical ozone works on the root cause of the disease and can also be taken to provide symptomatic relief. Ozone therapy improves the immune system of the patient and helps in recovery. It also increases the tolerance to pain and reduces the discomfort in the patients.

    Autoimmune Disease

    Ozone balances our immune system improves blood circulation and is also used in treating autoimmune diseases. As discussed above, it moderates the immune system and is used for treating AIDS, etc.

    Acute And Chronic Infections

    Ozone therapy is also used to provide relief from multiple acute and chronic infections such as skin and wound infections, body organ infections, lesions, sores, surgical sites, etc.

    Lyme Disease

    Medical ozone therapy Lyme treatment is also available. The disease has flu-like symptoms and is caused by a bacterium. It can lead to serious issues, such as limb weakness, facial palsy, and joint swellings as well. Medical-grade ozone kills the bacteria, inhibits their growth, and also leads to a swift recovery. Learn more

    Parasitic Infections

    Ozone therapy improves blood circulation and kills all types of disease-causing microorganisms. Hence, it is an effective cure against parasitic infections.

    Macular Degeneration (Age-Related)

    For treating age-related macular degeneration, autologous infusion of ozonated blood is done. The duration of therapy and the number of sessions vary from patient to patient.


    MRSA stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and the bacterium causes serious skin infections. Ozone therapy is also available for MRSA infections. The patients can also use ozonated oils, gels, and cupping or bagging therapies for MRSA infections.

    Acute And Chronic Ulcers

    Medical-grade ozone has excellent sterilizing and anti-inflammation properties. This makes it perfect for treating sores and infections inside the body, such as ulcers and lesions in the gut or mouth, etc.


    Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a fungus named Candida. It can infect the body parts from inside and outside, such as skin, gut, throat, vagina, mouth, etc. Medical ozone therapy is the strongest cure for this infection as it directly kills the virus. Medical ozone therapy herpes treatment is also an effective way to cure the disease and provide symptomatic relief as well.


    As HIV is also an auto-immune disorder, ozone therapy is an effective cure for it. It supports the ongoing treatments and improves the immune system of the patients. It also inhibits the growth as well as spreading of the HIV virus, leading to fast recovery.


    Health benefits of medical ozone therapy span beyond the skin, gut, and immune system. Medical-grade ozone also proves to be effective against dental infections, such as cavities, oral ulcers, receding gums, sores, etc.


    Fibromyalgia is another painful condition in which the patient experiences acute body pain and muscle tenderness. It also causes fatigue, sleep problems, and mental distress.

    Ozone therapy acts as a reliever of inflammation and keeps it in check. The ozone balances antioxidants and free radicals, all the while boosting the blood circulation to provide relief to the patient.

    Slipped Disc

    The oxygen-ozone injections are administered in patients suffering from a slipped disc, to reduce herniated disc symptoms and other complications.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome gradually degrades the lifestyle of a patient by causing a lack of concentration, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Many patients are not able to do their daily activities.

    Medical ozone therapy boosts various metabolic pathways and balances them, to help the patient gradually recover.

    How To Perform Medical Ozone Therapy At Home?

    You can perform the medical ozone therapy at home with the help of medical ozone oxygen therapy generator. Also called a medical ozone therapy machine, these generators come with various attachments and produce medical-grade ozone with 100% pure oxygen.

    The equipment comes with an oxygen cylinder and various other accessories that a patient might require for specific therapies.

    For more information, please get in touch with experts or visit the (https://www.drsozone.com/).

    Ozone Therapy: Effectiveness And Benefits

    We have shared the various diseases for which ozone therapy is highly effective, and currently, it is also being used as a supportive treatment for upper respiratory tract infections and pneumonia treatments.

    Major Benefits Of Ozone Therapy Are:

    – Increases Oxygen efficiency
    – Balances the immune system
    – Improves blood circulation
    – Decreases inflammation
    – Decreases pain
    – Increases energy and sense of wellbeing

    Ozone Therapy: Side Effects

    There are no side effects of medical ozone therapy. It is safe, effective, and suitable for all patients. However, we recommend expert consultation before starting it, especially if you are planning to do it at home.

    Ozone Therapy

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