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Ozone Therapy Guide: How Ozone Therapy Works?

Medical Ozone Therapy is one of the rapidly emerging therapies in the alternative medicine domain and has produced many impressive results across a wide spectrum of diseases and body conditions. The treatment therapy makes use of medical-grade ozone generated from 100% pure oxygen with the help of a medical ozone generator.

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    Ozone therapy administration is done in various ways, such as:

    IV ozone therapy or blood ozone therapy
    – Ozone insufflation
    – Cupping or bagging
    – Application of ozonated gels, creams, etc

    What makes ozone therapy such a great concept is the fact that it boosts and balances the immune system of our body. So, if a viral or bacterial infection is causing our immune system to be hyperactive, which is spurring a number of other reactions or bodily symptoms, Ozone will calm down the immune system.

    On the other hand, if a disease is suppressing our immune system, ozone will give a boost to the immune system and help in better and earlier recovery.

    Here, we explore ozone therapy treatment and procedures at length and discuss how ozone therapy works in different body conditions and diseases. We also discuss how to take ozone therapy at home and what are some side effects, if any of the various treatment procedures.

    Let us begin with a detailed introduction of the term itself.

    What is Ozone Therapy?

    Ozone therapy makes use of medical-grade ozone for curing various body conditions, such as infections, infected wounds, skin conditions, internal body infections, autoimmune diseases, viral diseases, etc. It is also used as a supporting treatment for a number of diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infections cancer, etc.

    Apart from offering symptomatic relief from various diseases, medical ozone therapy also increases pain tolerance levels and enhances overall body health. It actively fights ageing and keeps the signs of ageing away.

    Being a gas, ozone penetrates down to the cellular levels and gives a boost of freshness and health to our cellular and organ system.

    Further, the medical ozone therapy procedure helps patients suffering from critical diseases to recover at a faster rate. Ozone kickstarts the production of many healthy proteins that actively fight infection and disrupt the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    As the medical ozone therapy improves the tolerance of pain, the patients undergoing chemotherapies and other such painful procedures can use ozone therapy.

    Now that we have had a detailed introduction, let us move on to the various uses of ozone therapy.

    Medical Ozone Therapy: Uses

    Medical ozone therapy uses are as follows:

    1. Bacterial Infections

    Medical ozone has antibacterial properties and is used to treat a number of bacterial infections such as dental infections, wound infections, skin conditions, lesions, sores, ulcers, etc.

    It also proves to be effective against Lyme disease, MRSA, and many other bacterial infections. Medical ozone stops the growth of bacteria by attacking their cells and the patient is able to recover faster.

    2. Fungal Infections

    Ozone therapy treatment is also perfect for treating fungal infections, such as Candidiasis. Candidiasis can occur in various body parts such as skin, vagina, mouth, etc, and the person experiences a number of different mild to serious symptoms.

    The patients can either use the ozonated gels and creams or opt for vaginal insufflation treatment that can also be done at home. However, for beginners, we recommend consulting professionals for getting to know the basics of ozone therapy at home.

    3. Autoimmune Diseases

    Medical ozone therapy treatment is also useful for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders such as HIV. The patients can undergo the ozone therapy along with the normal treatments they are taking, as the therapy has a complimenting effect and doesn’t interfere with the results and effects of the other medicines.

    Further, it improves blood circulation and also balances the immune system, which makes it perfect for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders.

    4. Viral Infections

    Medical ozone treatment also works incredibly well for viral infections as it attacks the viral capsids (bodies) and disrupts their reproductive cycle. The patients are able to get relief from symptoms as well as persistent viral infection.

    Some common examples of viral infections where ozone therapy has produced amazing results are AIDS, upper respiratory tract infections, Herpes, etc.

    Miscellaneous Use Cases of Ozone Therapy

    • Dental: Caries, mouth infections, speeding up the wound healing after a dental procedure
    • Gut Ulcers: Treatment of chronic ulcers in the gut, such as stomach
    • Ear insufflation: Treating infection in the ENT tract via ozone insufflation
    • Wound infections: Bagging or cupping of the infected wound with ozone supply to speed up the healing and kill the infection-causing germs

    After sharing an overview of what is ozone therapy good for, up next, we discuss how to use ozone therapy.

    How Much Does Ozone Therapy Cost?

    The ozone therapy cost and duration vary from person to person, depending on the type of disease and its intensity.

    How To Use Ozone Therapy?

    There are various ways to use ozone therapy, and we are explaining them in the following section.

    1. IV Ozone Therapy

    IV ozone therapy is also called blood ozone therapy and is always done under proper medical supervision. The nurse or ozone therapist gives ozone injections containing liquid ozone and later the syringe is removed. However, the needle is attached to a medical-grade ozone generator to let the gas enter the body.

    2. Ozone Insufflation

    Insufflation means inserting pure, medical-grade ozone gas into the body via the body openings, such as the rectum, ears, vagina, etc.

    Insufflation facilitates easier and faster absorption of ozone gas into the bloodstream as well as the other body parts.

    Different types of ozone insufflation are:

    – Rectal insufflation: Ozone enters via a rectal catheter
    – Vaginal insufflation: Vaginal administration of the ozone gas
    – Ear Insufflation or Auricular insufflation: Ozone gas is let into the body via the ears

    3. Ozone Cupping

    In this therapy ozone is directly incident on the affected skin, such as wounds, sores, lesions, etc. A cup-like ozone administering equipment is stuck to the skin and pure medical-grade ozone is applied to the area.

    4. Ozone Bagging

    It is done to improve the healing of infected wounds as well as to speed up the healing of various surgical sites. Ozone bagging is also good for the disinfection of wounds and surgery sites. This technique is perfect for gangrene cases as well.

    5. Ozone Creams And Gels

    These are medicated and non-medicated moisturizers containing medical-grade ozone, and are used for skin disinfection, and skin problems. They can also be used to actively fight ageing and solve cosmetic skin concerns.

    6. Ozone Water

    Ozone water come is an effective cure against a number of conditions, such as dental or oral problems, skin diseases, and gut infections or conditions.

    Ozone water also proves beneficial for digestive ulcers, internal body infections, and improving the overall gut health.

    Ozone Therapy: History, Briefs, Objectives, And Benefits

    Below, we share some historical facts, research study briefs, and benefit-analysis of medical ozone therapy procedure:

    What makes the therapy perfect for everyone is that it has no side effects!

    For more information and to get started with ozone treatment therapy for you or someone you know, please book an expert consultation today!

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