Ozone Sauna Therapy

What is Ozone Sauna and Benefits

Ozone Sauna is a supportive therapy for health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart ailments etc. In addition to the routine treatment, this therapy helps strengthen the immune system, enhances energy levels, helps detoxify the system, and helps with weight loss.

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    Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen which makes it less stable as compared to oxygen. In the initial years of its discovery, it was used for sterilization. Ozone has great disinfecting properties as chemically it is a powerful oxidising agent. Ozone oxidises pathogens and all kinds of microorganisms and helps the body get rid of toxins.

    Ozone Sauna therapy is a very significant part of the detoxification of the body. This therapy stimulates the sweat glands of the skin, thus accelerating the detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin. This process also improves blood circulation and thus promotes healthy skin tone and texture. In an ozone sauna, ozone steam is infused through the skin in a special cabin. The heat-carrying moisture helps open the pores of the skin and helps ozone to penetrate the skin and enter bloodstream. In the blood, ozone travels through the fat and lymph tissue. Ozone sauna therapy is the most effective and easy way to cleanse the lymph tissue of any toxins.

    When the body temperature rises, it helps in destroying the pathogens, which is accompanied by heavy sweating and detoxifying effect. This helps to cleanse toxins accumulated in the lymphatic system saving some load for the liver to process. For ages, people have been using steam to cleanse the skin, soothe sore muscles, boost circulation etc. When this heat is combined with the miraculous action of ozone, it cleanses the lymphatic system which carries 90% of the body’s fluids. Ozone helps the body regain its strength and vitality. Ozone Sauna therapy is a natural and promising way to achieve overall health and wellness.

    Three to four sessions of one sauna can help one relax and get the desired benefits. More than luxury, it is an effective way to get your health back in a natural manner.

    Benefits of Ozone Sauna Therapy

    Ozone sauna therapy has numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

    • Helps increase the blood flow to cells and tissues
    • Helps skin appear firmer and smoother due to increased blood flow and oxygen
    • Strengthens immune system
    • Clears blood vessels
    • Detoxifies the lymphatic and cardiovascular system
    • Allows skin to get rid of any toxins easily
    • Helps improve immunity resulting in lesser infections and illnesses
    • Helps muscles relax by oxidising the lactic acid stored there
    • Helps in relieving joint pain and muscular diseases
    • Enhances the texture and appearance of skin
    • Improves brain functioning
    • Oxidises adrenaline and promotes calmness
    • Helps patients suffering from depression, anxiety, stress etc.
    • Speeds up metabolic processes of internal organs and endocrine glands

    Ozone sauna therapy can help in many illnesses for early recovery. Results of the therapy vary depending on the concentration of the ozone gas and frequency of application as well. It helps improve the overall health condition of the patient.

    Areas of application which are found to have the positive effect of ozone therapy are :

    • Heart conditions/disorders
    • External ulcers, wounds, burns etc.
    • Intestinal issues like Colitis, proctitis etc
    • Geriatric conditions
    • Infections and viral diseases
    • Treatment for cancer
    • Rheumatic diseases
    • Dental issues -disinfection, wound cleansing
    • Rheumatic arthritis
    • Skin diseases like allergy, acne, herpes, fungal infections, wounds
    • Pain management
    • Immune system deficiencies
    • Detoxification programs

    Ozone Sauna Treatment

    Ozone sauna treatment is done under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. In this process, the person is made to sit in a cabinet with his head outside. The steam cabinet produces steam and gradually ozone gas from the ozone generator is pumped into the cabinet, thus resulting in a synergising effect.

    The moisture with the steam and heat from the sauna triggers heavy sweating thus opening all the clogged pores on the skin. This procedure of induced sweating has been known for centuries as a detox process for the body. The infusion of ozone into the sauna aids this process by adding antimicrobial and antiviral effects. This activates the immune system and improves blood circulation thus increasing cellular energy.

    Ozone is effective in this process due to its solubility in water. Therefore during a steam sauna, it is much easier for the skin to absorb ozone due to the water effect. There are hyperbaric chambers as well available which push oxygen into the body. But ozone being more soluble can easily penetrate the skin without forced pressure. Ozone helps the body generate energy, rejuvenate the immune system, and take control of inflammation.

    Ozone sauna therapy is best when adopted in the following frequency:

    • 2 times per week for 2 weeks
    • Followed by once a week for 2 weeks
    • Then. every other week twice
    • After that, monthly

    The usual recommendation is to get fully undressed while one is in the Ozone Sauna to allow Ozone to easily penetrate into the skin.

    Contraindications: Always consult your physician before adopting this procedure especially if you are on any kind of medication, under 12 years old, elderly, pregnant or have any other health condition.

    Traditionally, this procedure was believed to help a great deal with Lyme disease, autoimmune, fatigue and also helpful in recharging the immune system including swelling, inflammation, weight issues etc.

    For more information on Ozone therapy and treatment, pls visit the official website.

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