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12 Conditions That Improve With Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has emerged as an effective alternative to conventional medications and modes of treatment. The treatment focuses on increasing oxygen amount in the body via giving medical ozone to offer therapeutic benefits. The treatment was introduced a few decades ago in the USA, and it also has its history in ancient European culture for treating various conditions and diseases.

Ozone therapy helps your body renew the cells and regenerate them. It is believed that one falls sick when their body cannot heal itself. Ozone therapy can be administered to the body via ozone water, ozone insufflations, Ozone injections or IV, ozone sauna, ozone oil, and more.

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    Here’s a look at what all diseases and conditions can be treated with the help of ozone therapy:

    1. Cancer –It has been observed that ozone therapy can prove to be helpful in cancer treatment along with conventional treatment. Cancer treatment patients can benefit from ozone therapy as it infuses oxygen into the blood. Human cells need oxygen, but cancer cells can’t survive in high oxygen concentrations. Ozone therapy creates an environment in the body that limits cancer cell growth.

    2.  Dental Treatment – Research shows that ozone dental therapy can help in reducing the dental treatment time, and it can help in removing bacteria. Also, when ozone is used for dental purposes, it is painless and has minimal adverse effects.

    3. Skin Diseases – Treating skin conditions when ozone therapy is used on the skin via ozone injection, IV, or ozonated oils, can help manage acne and rosacea. It can also help treat skin infections such as allergies, psoriasis, and more. It can also help in healing wounds, and it improves skin quality as well.

    4. Respiratory Conditions – Ozone therapy can help in treating breathing disorders. Our lungs offer ****oxygen supply to the blood. Ozone therapy infuses oxygenin blood and reduces the load on your lungs to provide the required oxygen, which usually causes respiratory disorders.

    5. Diabetes – Diabetes is one of the major lifestyle diseases affecting grown-up as well as young populations across the globe. One of the reasons for diabetes is insulin resistance. Ozone therapy can help improve oxygen delivery to our tissues, leading to improvement in blood circulation and decreasing insulin resistance as it rectifies oxidative stress. It leads to better sugar level control as well as infection control.

    6. Arthritis –  Arthritis is considered an immune disorder leading to inflammation and pain leading to debility. Ozone treatment can help in reducing both pain and swelling, along with strengthening the immunity of the body. Ozone therapy activates antioxidants in the body, improving oxygen circulation and delivery.

    7. Knee and Shoulder Pain –  Ozone therapy can help relieve knee and shoulder pain and offers relief by regenerating the tissues, even for individuals with severe joint damage. Ozone therapy activates the stem cells, which have the power to rebuild and repair the damaged cells.

    8. Wound Repair – Wounds need to be disinfected, and ozone can help in the same. Ozone therapy also helps speed up the healing process and lessen pain. Compared to traditional dressing, ozone can offer faster results compared to other treatments. Ozonated creams and oils can help in healing wounds.

    9. Obesity and Weight Loss – Ozone therapy can also help in losing weight and helping people suffering from conditions such as obesity. While ozone alone can’t work wonders, it definitely offers good diet and workout results. Ozone sauna is the best type of ozone therapy for weight loss, and it helps open pores and gets rid of toxins. The ozone sauna breaks down the fats and makes it easy to burn them. It also helps in regenerating tissues by regenerating the cells.

    10. Lyme Disease – When the bites from ticks go undiagnosed for a long time, it leads to Lyme disease symptoms. It takes several weeks for Lyme disease to cure with the help of antibiotics. Ozone therapy can be used with conventional treatment to speed up recovery. Ozone increases the effectiveness of treatment and decreases the risk of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.

    11. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – Ozone therapy can help improve Carpel Tunnel Syndrome symptoms in mild or moderate cases. Some researchers say that ozone treatment in combination with wrist splints offer better results than splinting alone.

    12. Macular Degeneration – The common reason for vision loss in older adults is macular degeneration associated with age. Studies say that ozone therapy helps reduce the death of photoreceptors, and visual acuity significantly improves with the help of ozone therapy. However, patients need to start ozone treatment as early as possible.

    Besides above-mentioned conditions, ozone therapy can control the growth of bacteria in case of infections, which also helps stop the spread and development of bacteria. Ozone therapy administered via any popular ways can help make the virus, fungi, yeast, and protozoa inactive.

    Ozone therapy at home

    The good thing about ozone therapy, a part of its ample benefits, is that it can be performed at home as well—no need to step out to get the treatment done. You need to invest in the right ozone therapy generator and the ozone therapy kits that can help perform ozone therapy correctly. Several options are available in the market, and you can buy them online.

    The ozone therapy accessories can be chosen based on the type of treatment you want and the desired results. When you select a good ozone therapy machine, you can expect good results and expect it to last for a long time. Quality products are an investment as they can be used for a long duration.

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