Ozone Therapy: Why Is Ozone Therapy Illegal?

Ozone therapy uses the medical-grade ozone gas for treating and healing various conditions and ailments. The medical-grade ozone is administered via various means – such as IV, called blood ozone therapy or insufflation (direct insertion of ozone gas in the body cavity, such as vagina, rectum, ear, etc.)

While the therapy has been in use for centuries now, modern medicine doesn’t recognize it as a valid autonomous treatment for various disorders. Also, there are many countries where the law doesn’t support claims regarding its efficacy in curing or healing ailments. 

However, ozone therapy is legal in Europe and many other countries all over the world and is being extensively used in treating a wide range of diseases and disorders, some of them being extremely critical in nature. 

Before we move on to discuss the subject matter of the legal status of ozone therapy, it is important to point out that ozone derives its efficacy in treating infections and other diseases, because of its ability to balance the immune system. 

So, if a disease is manifesting because of the hyperactivity of the immune system, ozone therapy calms down the immune responses to combat the disease spread. And, in case a patient is suffering from a disorder that is suppressing the immune system, ozone therapy gives a boost to the immune system and speeds up the recovery process. 

Hence, there are many diseases in which ozone therapy is used as the adjuvant or complementary therapy for treatment.

Next, we discuss some of the common myths associated with ozone therapy. 

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    Ozone Therapy: Myths That You Must Know

    Myth #1: Ozone therapy is dangerous.


    Ozone therapy is not dangerous by itself. It is when people use faulty devices such as non-medical grade ozone generators or get ozone treatments without consulting professional medical help. Using a non-medical grade ozone generator can have various serious impacts, such as permanent or serious damage to lungs, etc. 

    So, if you avail of the therapies under proper medical supervision and use medical-grade ozone generators for the ozone therapies at home, there are no side effects.

    Myth#2: Ozone therapy has no reliable scientific research in its support.


    There is a considerable and significant amount of research in support of ozone therapy, and the number is on consistent rise with an increase in the popularity of ozone therapy. 

    Below, we share a number of reputed research references that support the efficacy of ozone therapy:


    Myth #3: Ozone therapy is one of the emerging alternative medicinal techniques.


    Ozone therapy has been in use since the 19th century and is getting more exposure with time. There is enough proof from the literature that shows how ozone therapy has been in use for ages now, for treating a number of diseases.

    Some of them are mentioned below:

    There are many reputed and detailed accounts of using ozone for various clinical applications that are available online.

    Ozone therapy spurs the following events in the body of a patient:

    • Interferon production is enhanced. 

    Interferons are a specific type of protein in the human body that triggers the killer immune cells to attack viruses and bacteria. 

    • Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) production rate is enhanced.

    TNF is released in response to tumors and cancers, and TNF growth is an indicator of an ongoing fight between the cancer cells and our immune system. It indicates whether the patient is moving towards healing or not. 

    Finally, the ozone therapy also enhances the production of Interleukin-2, which is directly related to many immune reactions. Our bodies release the Interleukin-2 to fight cancer and tumor cells. 

    Now that we have addressed the various myths associated with ozone therapy, let us move on to discuss the ozone therapy side effects and the prevalent perspective about them.

    Ozone Therapy Side Effects

    Common side effects of ozone therapy:

    • Accidental inhalation of pure ozone can lead to minor issues, such as burning sensation in eyes, nausea or vomiting, coughing, or mild headache in people with extremely sensitive body constitution.
    • Rectally administered ozone might cause mild discomfort, though it is very rare. Some examples include the feeling of passing gas, mild cramps or gurgling. However, this is temporary, extremely mild, and lasts for a very small period of time.
    • Some patients might show a healing reaction during which they can experience flu-like symptoms or get a general feeling of being uncomfortable for a small amount of time.
    • However, these symptoms also improve and go away as the therapy continues. So, you can understand this as a normal body response to a treatment process instead of a direct side effect of the ozone therapy.

    While we are talking about ozone therapy side effects, we would also like to point out some of the other positive effects or ozone therapy benefits that patients experience.

    Ozone therapy benefits:

    • Enhanced growth of hair and nails 
    • Hair and nails become stronger
    • A healthy and glowing skin that radiates with the fresh ozone supply
    • More energetic bodies
    • Less fatigue
    • Sleep quality gets significantly improved 

    Is Ozone Therapy Harmful or Not?
    The answer is NO!

    Ozone therapy treatment is not at all harmful, especially when done under expert medical supervision. The cases where people get any damages or health concerns, stem from the fact that they are not able to get the right professional help, or they are using faulty ozone generators for ozone therapy at home.

    Now, you might ask – Why is ozone therapy illegal in the US?

    Well, in 2019, the FDA released a statement indicating that ozone is a toxic gas and has no known application in preventive or supportive medicine with known results.

    However, a number of health practitioners are using ozone therapy for treating a number of diseases in the US and all over the world.

    So, is ozone therapy FDA approved? No, but it is being used all over the globe for treating various health conditions and as a supplement for boosting the effect of other treatment procedures. 

    Final Verdict

    We hope that the above discussion has improved your understanding of the application, efficacy, and side effects of ozone therapy. 

    While the formal adoption of ozone therapy as a legal and valid treatment procedure for various diseases is still going to take some time, the mountainous research and literature are surely reliable and convincing enough.

    Ozone therapy is a simple and natural treatment for a wide range of diseases and can do wonders in boosting general well-being as well. 

    So, steer clear of all the popular myths and get started with your ozone therapy consultation today!

    For learning more about how ozone therapy can cure your health conditions, please get in touch with our expert team, or please visit our official website. www.drsozone.com

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