Ozone therapy vaginal insufflation

Ozone Therapy Vaginal Insufflation

Three molecules of oxygen combined together make ozone. The purpose of ozone treatment is to infuse oxygen into the cells of the body. Ozone repairs the cells and decreases fatigue. It promotes better use of oxygen in the cells. Ozone treatment can treat various chronic illnesses. Ozone therapy is not approved by  FDA but is being used in various countries for treating different illnesses. Ozone has become the new emerging therapeutic agent for female reproductive issues. Ozone vaginal Insufflation has positive effects on female fertility and reproductive health. There are several benefits of ozone vaginal therapy which include tubal occlusion, prevent ovaries from endometritis and vaginitis, and lesser formation of pelvic adhesions.

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    Ozone Vaginal Therapy

    • What Is Vaginal Ozone Therapy

    As mentioned above, the  ozone therapy vagina has become the new way of treating female reproductive health concerns. Medical ozone has anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. They repair unhealthy cells causing health issue.

    There are ample benefits of vaginal ozone therapy which makes it a must-try for women facing any of the mentioned health conditions. These conditions can be treated with vaginal ozone therapy are labia pain, yeast/ bacterial/ viral vaginal infections, pelvic pain, unexplained pain around the vagina, pain during intercourse, and more.

    • Vaginal Insufflation

    The vaginal insufflation is done by infusing ozone gas into the vagina via using a catheter. The gas finds its way to the uterus, fallopian tube, as well as the abdominal cavity. The treatment is beneficial for females that are suffering from issues such as PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. The ozone has the ability to diffuse in the bloodstream and abdomen, and it can address issues like chronic fatigue and abdominal concerns

    How to Do Vaginal Ozone Insufflation at Home?

    You can do vaginal insufflation at home. Just following the below mentioned tips will help in performing the insufflation easily and in the comfort of your home:

    • You need an oxygen tank and oxygen regulator, ozone generator, and vaginal insufflation kit.
    • You need to plug in the ozone generator first and connect silicone tubing to the oxygen tank. The other end of the tubing is connected to the ozone generator.
    • Connect another silicone tube to the ozone outlet of the ozone generator. The other end will be connected to the end of the insert.
    • Lubricate insert generously with ozone oil or KY jelly.
    • Set the ozone generator on and set the regulator to a one-quarter liter per minute.
    • The top of the ozone generator will have a chart representing concentrations of the ozone you get from the generator. The left side shows liters per minute, which are adjusted by the regulator. The right side shows the concentration of ozone.
    • The flow of oxygen going inside the generator will determine the concentration of oxygen. The slower the flow rate, the higher the concentration and vice versa.
    • Get comfortable, place the insert inside your vagina and allow the ozone to flow inside for 10 minutes.

    The vagina insufflation can be done at least 2-3 times per week till the underlying problem resolves. The therapy is not painful at all. There is no pressure buildup felt with ozone. Every session takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

    Is Ozone therapy for the vagina safe?

    The ozone therapy for the vagina is considered absolutely safe when it is performed by certified and trained medical professionals. You can discuss everything about the treatment with your consulting doctor before going ahead with the sessions. Based on your underlying medical condition, the doctor will decide the duration of treatment and sessions.

    Benefits Of Ozone Therapy for Vagina

    The medical field has been using ozone therapy owing to its reliability. It is used to strengthen the immune system, treating wounds, infections, and diseases. The ozone gas can treat as many as 144 diseases. The ozone has different uses in localized parts of the body, and one of them is vaginal ozone insufflation.

    The ozone therapy is considered more effective for treating infections than antibiotics. The treatment brings moderate oxidative stress. It increases the production of antioxidants, delivers oxygen into tissues, and strengthens the immune system of your body.

    • Treatment of bacterial infections

    Along with the oxygenation of cells and tissues in the vaginal area, the therapy is good for bacterial infections as well. It can be helpful in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, vaginal yeast infection, vaginal herpes, etc. Many women suffer from constant vaginal issues, which can be caused by microorganisms and yeast. Antibiotics can effectively treat infections. They might lead to an imbalance in good bacteria present in the digestive tract. Also, traditional medicines are not effective many times. Owing to these reasons, vaginal insufflation is used as a reliable treatment for infections. The treatment is widely effective as yeast and microorganisms are sensitive to ozone and get killed immediately.

    • Destroys bacteria resistant to antibiotic

    Apart from treating bacterial and yeast infections, vaginal insufflation is good at destroying antibiotic-resistant bacteria along with killing bacteria that can’t be detected by vaginal swabs. Ozone therapy is known for treating illnesses such as mycoplasma and ureaplasma.

    • Treatment of sexually transmitted disease

    The ozone therapy helps in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases such as vaginalis, cytomegalovirus, Chlamydia, Gardnerella, etc. After the ozone therapy, you will be able to witness a decrease in symptoms such as pain during intercourse, discharge, itching, and odder.

    • Produces antioxidants

    The ozone therapy helps in producing antioxidants along with increasing the function of the immune system.

    After the ozone treatment, you will witness a significant betterment in vaginal health as the treatment will enable the growth of healthy bacteria. The presence of oxygen stops the growth of anaerobic bacteria that is usually found in the gastrointestinal tract.

    There are many benefits of ozone therapy, but you should consider getting it done only by recommendations and under the guidance of an experienced doctor. The ozone therapy application varies based on the type of infection. However, one thing is clear that ozone therapy is versatile and has great advantages for the human body. If you wish to try a better alternative to antibiotics for your vaginal health, ozone therapy can help!

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