Rectal Ozone Therapy

Complete Guide of What is Rectal Ozone Therapy? Usage, Benefits Procedure

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    Ozone therapy is one of the latest developments in medical research. This therapy is being excessively used to treat various diseases. Even though it was launched a few years back, it has still made its place worldwide, with Germany being at the top. One of the reasons catering to the popularity of this treatment is the lack of side effects in line with this treatment. Adding to it, several academic research have also shown that ozone can modulate inflammation and pain.

    Ozone therapy is a scientific procedure that is involved in the treatment of a wound or a disease. It revolves around a mechanism in which Ozone gas is dispensed into the bloodstream of affected persons. This further helps to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, resulting in a quicker recovery. Ozone therapy is scientifically backed by research conducted by the National Institutes of Health back in 2018.

    1. Rectal Ozone Therapy

    Rectal Ozone Therapy is a form of Ozone therapy. This type of ozone therapy is performed by way of rectal insufflation. It is believed that rectal ozone therapy causes a cascade effect of positive reactions among medical practitioners. This therapy is also backed by the fact that it increases oxygen efficiency, which in turn, results in more energy.

    1.1 What Is Rectal Ozone Therapy?

    Rectal ozone therapy is a suitable medical alternative which is mainly used by individuals who want to recover from diseases that originate within the liver, gut, or colon.

    Rectal Insufflation Therapy can also used it for treating IgA deficiency. It does so by the production of antioxidants in the body. The therapy comes out as a safe and feasible medical treatment.

    At the same time, rectal ozone therapy is also known to regulate oxidative stress. If this term appears as a technical or medical jargon to you, it can be simplified by saying that oxidative stress refers to an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants, eventually leading to cell and tissue damage.

    Rectal ozone therapy is treated as the most promising form of ozone therapy at home out of 30 such varied forms. The benefits of rectal ozone therapy are listed as follows: it is one of the most cost-efficient ozone therapy treatments, with the cost per treatment going down to $1 per treatment. This therapy takes not more than 3-15 minutes per day, making it easy to do. Another benefit associated with it is that it can be consistently performed every day to get the best results; such a treatment can also be performed at home; and it benefits your whole body.

    Apart from those benefits of rectal ozone therapy mentioned above, certain others are listed ahead. This therapy is also known to restore gut health and its function. It also helps in reducing chronic inflammation throughout the body. It also helps detox the whole body overall but majorly helps the liver.

    2. Ozone Rectal Insufflation Therapy

    Rectal ozone therapy and Ozone rectal insufflation therapy are the same therapies, just different names. Rectal Ozone therapy can even be performed at the comfort of your home. 

    In order to do so, you must be cautious of a few things. You must check that the ozone concentration ranges from 10 ug/ml to 50 ug/ml. The volume of oxygen ranges from 100 ml to 750 ml. Another important point is that reactal ozone therapy must be done after a bowel movement.

    The therapy can be performed by two alternative courses of action, mainly the Low and Slow Approach and the Standard Cycling Method. The rectal ozone insufflation therapy requires an ozone therapy machine, oxygen regulator, an ozone generator, a catheter, an ozone bag, a syringe, and silicone tubing.

    Under the Low and Slow Approach, the initial dosage should be limited to 200 ml of 20 gamma ozone for 3 times a week. Later, you can increase 10 gamma every successive week until the capacity reaches 40 gamma for 200 ml. One can increase the dosage every well, but the maximum prescribed dosage is 40 gamma for 200 ml, which can’t be exceeded.

    While as far as the Standard Cycling Method is concerned, ozone therapy is administered in a cycle. Such a cycle includes everyday treatment, for three weeks which is followed by the next 1 week.

    3. Rectal Ozone Therapy Cancer

    It is interesting to know that rectal ozone therapy can even treat certain types of cancer. Certain pre clinical trials have shown the positive effect of ozone gas in treating cancer cells. It is believed that ozone can directly damage the cell membrane by oxidizing fatty acids that compose them. Some of the research work of published journals have also shown that  in vivo and in vitro role of ozone can lead to direct damage to the cancer cells. The ozone therapy can even enhance the effects of radio therapy and chemo therapy, which are the most sought after treatments of cancer. There are also certain other benefits of this treatment, which can help in aiding the clinical treatments in the disease of cancer. These benefits include modification of hemoglobin dissociation curve, loco regional blood flow, tumor hypoxia and diphosphoglycerate levels.

    At the same time, rectal ozone therapy can also be used as an alternative treatment for Candida albicans overgrowth.

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