Dental Ozone Therapy

Benefits of Dental Ozone Therapy

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    Ozone therapy is one of the alternative types of therapy that helps in treating several medical issues. Did you know that ozone can be used for treating dental issues as well? There are several benefits of dental ozone therapy as it offers holistic dental treatment and supports natural healing via minimum invasion.

    According to ozone therapy dentist, the therapy is found to be an effective treatment used in the dental field today! It is a minimally invasive as well as a conservative approach for treating oral issues. It is used for:

    • Clearing bacteria that cause infections and cavity.
    • Healing gum infections along with supporting regeneration.
    • Reducing tooth sensitivity

    It is to be known that ozone therapy dental is not a newer concept. The procedure has been used for several years. However, it has gained a lot of attention recently, with bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotic. Even patients prefer it as it is painless, takes less time for the treatment, and is minimally invasive.

    Everything You Need to Know About Ozone Dental Therapy

    Ozone is technically a super-charged form of oxygen, and it has the ability to disinfect! This helps fight various types of bacteria that cause periodontal disease, tooth decay, and dental pain. The dentist uses ozone therapy when they need to clean certain areas of your mouth. With the help of a specialized ozone machine, the dentist will blast ozone and eliminate bacteria and bad microbes.

    Ozone can be used for dental treatment in liquid and gaseous forms. The dentists use medical-grade oxygen to generate pure ozone. This is further used in the liquid or gas form.

    Are There Any Ozone Dental Therapy Side Effects?

    One of the pertinent questions that concern people is dental ozone therapy safe? The answer is yes; it is a safe procedure, provided you perform it carefully.

    There can be some side effects of ozone dental therapy, but it depends on the type of treatment. It is said that one should never inhale ozone as it can cause coughing, vomiting, nausea, or headaches.

    Therefore, ozone therapy for dental should always be performed carefully. This will offer ozone dental therapy benefits without jeopardizing your safety and wellbeing.

    Is Ozone Therapy For Dental Implants Safe?

    Yes, dental ozone therapy for teeth is also safe for implants. Ozone therapy for dental implants can help prevent bacterial infection, promote quick healing, and avoid peri-implantitis.

    Benefits Of Ozone Dental Therapy

    Benefits Of Dental Ozone Therapy

    The ozone therapy in dentistry is generally used for a wide array of applications. Here’s a look at how it can benefit oral health:

    • Helps in combating bacteria which leads to decay

    Ozone gas is one and a half times more powerful than chloride due to its antimicrobial property, which helps fight against viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. It can also help in stimulating blood circulation along with the immune response. Ozone can be used for treating infections that are otherwise treated using only antibiotics. Ozone therapy helps in disinfecting areas of your mouth after tooth extraction, in other dental procedures, and for pre-washing surgical sites.

    • Ozone therapy improves gum health and promotes healing

    Ozone is successfully used for treating periodontal disease. The procedure is simple, wherein ozone water passes below your gum line. Alternatively, gas is administered into your gum tissue, restoring your mouth health.

    • Ozone dental therapy is non-invasive

    Most people opt for ozone therapy as it is painless. People always have fear and anxiety associated with dental treatments. In such a scenario, ozone therapy is an excellent choice. It can be used for controlling plaque, decreasing tooth sensitivity and preventing cavities without discomfort and use of invasive tools.

    • It is natural

    Ozone dental therapy offers a safe treatment choice for patients suffering from various oral issues. Harmful bacteria are removed by the dentist without the use of any other products which have toxic side effects.

    Several benefits of the therapy are listed below:

    • Improvement in blood circulation.
    • Delivery of oxygen delivery to the tissues in a specific area.
    • Oxygen delivery is improved, which leads to enhancement of metabolism.
    • Activates the immune system.
    • Brings an overall sense of wellness.
    • Periodontal disease

    As per the studies, gum disease is a common oral issue globally. It can begin with an asymptomatic infection in your gums but eventually spread to the jawbone supporting your teeth. The disease can lead to the loss of supporting teeth and bone in your mouth. Ozone therapy helps in disinfecting the areas that have gum infections for a long time. Dentists apply ozone to your gums directly and allow it to infiltrate the gum which surrounds the tooth or any abscesses.

    Ozone Therapy In Dentistry

    • Endodontics

    Dental procedures such as root canals are required when the inside of teeth, i.e., pulp tissue, gets infected irreversibly. The root canal helps in removing the infected tissues and not the entire tooth. This helps your natural teeth to function normally. Ozone helps in disinfecting the canal present in your tooth along with tissues that are present in your tooth root’s tip. The use of ozone helps in preventing the spread of ozone.

    • TMJ pain

    The pain can be triggered owing to some disorders, namely temporomandibular disorders. The condition leads to jaw pain and also makes it challenging for a person to open the mouth or chew food. Ozone injections can help in relieving symptoms in those patients who are experiencing pain.

    Ozone can also help in treating other types of infections related to the tissues inside the mouth.

    Now that we have seen the multiple uses of ozone at the clinic, it is to be known that there are machines that allow you to perform dental ozone therapy at home. While the extent of usage is limited compared to how professional dentists use it, you can still derive some dental benefits and ward off infections caused by bacteria.

    Dental health is an essential part of your overall wellbeing. It is important that you take care of your oral health with the help of ozone therapy as an effective and alternative treatment for oral conditions.

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