Ozone Therapy For Dogs Cancer

Ozone therapy has emerged as an alternative treatment for promoting health as well as overall well-being in not only people but also animals. Being a natural method of healing, the therapy is considered effective in fighting viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. It can also help in addressing cancer, age-related diseases, and degenerative diseases. Though ozone therapy for dogs wasn’t a commonly used therapy by the vets, it has been gaining popularity in recent years and is being used widely.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy has a wide array of applications as an alternative therapy. It thrives on the power of oxygen and offers your pet overall body healing. While oxygen has only 2 molecules, ozone contains 3 of them. Being unstable, the third molecule transforms into a free radical. This is what makes the ozone therapy in dogs effective. Ozone saturates the area, which gets treated with oxygen.

This benefit in several ways, such as reduced infections, improved immunity, quick wound healing; can cell growth suppression, and more. Ozone therapy is a natural way of tissue oxygenation which offers added resistance power against diseases. In fact, **ozone therapy for dogs cancer** has proven to be effective. The therapy is especially found to be effective in treating fungal, bacterial, as well as a viral infection in dogs and other animals.

The cause of several degenerative and age-related diseases is a lack of oxygen. This is what makes the therapy effective and beneficial in treating these conditions.

What Is Ozone Therapy For Dogs?

As mentioned above, the ozone therapy for pets helps in killing bacteria, viruses, and fungal organisms. The ozone gas can be harsh on unhealthy tissues, but it has positive effects on healthy and living cells when administered in the right way. The areas which are unhealthy suffer from lack of oxygen and it decreases the chances of survival of healthy cells. The healthy cells can’t fight disease due to lack of oxygen. When your bloodstream receives ozone via injection, the increase of oxygen in the area improves the healing ability and affects abnormal cells as well as pathogens. The normal and healthy cells receive a boost of oxygen to heal, and the walls of unhealthy cells break down, causing them to die.

How Is Ozone Administered In Pets?

  • The ozone is administered via intravenous fluids.
  • It can be used in the incubator as an inhalant after percolating with olive oil.
  • It can be directly injected into the pet’s joints for treating infections or conditions related to ligaments as well as tendons.
  • Ozonated olive oil is used for wounds and even eyes topically.
  • It can be used for urinary or rectal insufflations.
  • Ozone can be directly injected into the tumour or bloodstream.

Ozone Therapy Benefits For Dogs

  • Treats skin conditions

Ozone therapy can be useful in treating hot spots, abscesses, pyodermas, wounds, allergic dermatitis, and more. It can help in case of deep abrasions and injuries.

  • Offers relief from pain

Ozone therapy is suitable for combating pain, inflammation, and more. It is also used for treating acute and chronic conditions like orthopaedic conditions, pain after an operation, and issues with soft tissue.

  • Treats Neurological issues

Ozone therapy is being used commonly for the treatment of head trauma as well as inflammation of the spinal cord.

  • Helpful for oral condition

Ozone therapy is beneficial for treating dental conditions like gingivitis, abscesses, and stomatitis. It has emerged as an effective treatment for challenging dental problems.

  • Treats cancer

Ozone therapy impacts and destroys abnormal cells and enhances the healing ability of the normal/ healthy cells.

  • Beneficial in ear and eye problems

The therapy can be beneficial in treating otitis from yeast along with bacterial infections. It can help with eye allergies, ocular infections, and allergic reactions.

  • Treats conditions related to the upper respiratory tract

The upper respiratory issues are a result of pathogens that cause infection along with inflamed airways. Both these conditions can be resolved via ozone therapy.

  • Helps with Gastrointestinal issues

Pets suffer from common stomach disorders like IBS, constipation, and diarrhoea. These can be controlled with the help of ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy can be especially helpful for pets that don’t respond much to the medications. The oxygen-rich ozone therapy can improve the efficacy of traditional and alternative modalities to offer the best outcome.

  • Gut health

The rectal ozone therapy for dogs helps in administering higher oxygen levels in the liver and gut of the pet. It can help in treating conditions like chronic colitis as well as hepatitis.

Is Ozone Therapy Safe For Pets?

The ozone can be considered safe for all pets, including dogs. As such, there are no considerable or apparent ozone therapy side effects in dogs. It is important to take care of the correct dosage and use of right tools while administering the ozone. The trained team of vets can do it with ease and precision as they are specially trained for this type of therapy.

Other therapies such as antibiotics can be made all the more effective with the help of ozone therapy. In fact, with ozone therapy, one can reduce and prevent drug and antibiotic overuse. It is safe to say that ozone therapy is an incredible treatment approach that can increase the positive effects of alternative therapies like homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal.

One of the pertinent questions that pet owners might be having is about how expensive the treatment can get. It’s simple; the cost of ozone therapy for dogs depends on the condition and area being treated. The cost would differ from one pet to another and the area as well as the disease that needs treatment. The vet doctor would be able to analyse and give the final estimate of the treatment cost.

Most commonly, ozone therapy is performed in the clinic. But it is to be known that there are machined which allow you to perform ozone therapy for dogs at home. However, the extent of use can be confined at home in comparison to the trained doctors. Still, you can gain some benefits for your pet and help in improving their health.

Just like humans, maintaining the good health of pets is equally important. Ozone therapy can be a revolutionary approach to treating diseases and infections.

Ozone therapy has become an effective form of alternative treatment for treating various conditions and diseases. It can be used for both humans as well as animals. The good news is that ozone therapy can be performed at home as well. This means you need to invest in an ozone generator for your home, the one that is easy to use as well as effective.

Here’s a look at some information that will help in finding the right ozone therapy generator for your specific usage.

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