Ozone Therapy For Skin

Ozone Therapy For Skin Disease

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    Ozone therapy is soon gaining popularity as an alternative medical treatment for its effectiveness. Ozone is a colourless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is known for its strong anti-microbial activities and therapeutic effects. Emerging research reveals that ozone plays  important role in the management and prevention of numerous skin disorders such as infectious skin diseases, allergic skin issues, wound healing, herpes, ulcer recovery. It is also found immensely helpful for the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, pimples, eczema, infections, allergic dermatosis, etc. This is giving a great boost to the adoption of ozone therapy as a desirable treatment.

    Benefits of ozone therapy for skin

    For treating skin-related conditions, special attention is paid to the improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, ensuring energy supply to cells and protection of skin.

    Many skin-related cosmetic issues- acne, the outflowing of hair, wrinkles and ageing, allergy, cellulitis- reflect the internal health and fitness of the patient, therefore the treatment should be internal as well as from outside for a long-lasting solution that is achieved by producing detoxification, antimicrobial, antiviral effect and thus making the immunity stronger.

    In dermatology, ozone application is mainly administered by adopting the following procedures:

    • Ozone hydrotherapy
    • External application of ozonated oil
    • Ozone autohemotherapy

    Ozone has a wide range of applications for gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. In wound healing by ozone treatment, the wound goes through three distinct but overlapping stages viz. Inflammation, tissue proliferation and remodelling.

    More research is going on to understand the exact mechanism of ozone therapy before it is presented as a promising cure for the treatment and prevention of skin-related conditions.

    Ozone therapy for skin can provide the following benefits:

    1. Detoxification

    The therapy helps cells to detoxify by infusing the cells with enough oxygen molecules which further helps cleanse the toxins, impurities and pollutants away on a cellular level. This results in negating the effects of pollution and helps eliminate excess carbon dioxide from the body.

    2. Treats uneven skin tone

    The metabolism of the body reflects directly on the health of the skin. If the metabolism slows down, skin does not get properly oxygenated which leads to uneven complexion and skin tone. Ozone therapy helps remove dead skin cells and waste build up on the surface which helps in providing a healthy complexion with luminous skin. 

    3. Speeds up new cell generation

    While administering ozone therapy, an extra dose of oxygen is introduced into the skin cells which results in an increased rate of cell production and regeneration. The healing process of facial blemishes, wounds or scars is directly linked to the pace of cell turnover.

    4. Collagen production

    Collagen and elastin are naturally found proteins present in tissues all over the body. They both play a great role in keeping skin young and healthy as they are one to provide elasticity, flexibility and elasticity. As the skin ages, collagen and elastin production is reduced which harms the skin texture resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

    Ozone therapy helps the skin overcome this issue by boosting the collagen-producing ability of the cells which helps blur the wrinkles and fine lines, tightens the skin, and decelerates the ageing.

    5. Therapy for Acne

    Ozone being an antimicrobial itself kills acne-causing bacteria and mitigates the redness or inflammation which ultimately helps overall reduction of acne appearing on the skin. It also shrinks the pores which further helps reduce the oil clogging and dirt accumulation on the skin.

    6. Hydration of skin

    Environmental pollution and sun rays damage the skin badly and also takes away its moisture and glow. Ozone therapy helps restore the moisture and hydration levels and also caters to any dryness or dullness leading to dewy and youthful skin.

    7.Immediate results

    The positive results of ozone therapy on the skin can be immediately observed after its application. It provides evident smoothness, glow and freshness to the skin after the therapy. The results may vary depending on age, skin type and skin condition.

    8. Zero side effects

    The major plus of ozone treatment is that it comes with negligible side effects with no stinging or burning sensations. It helps skin soothe and minimize any inflammation if present earlier.

    Thus ozone works in internal healing of the skin issues and not just covering up the flaws. It helps normalise the natural functions of the skin and stimulates its normal working.

    What is ozone therapy for skin?

    For the treatment of various skin issues, most methods of local and systemic ozone therapy are administered. The various procedures of application by the local route are:

    • Subcutaneous ozone injections
    • Ozonized olive oil in the form of ace packs and for massage

    Procedures adopted by the systemic route are:

    • Intravenous drop by drop infusions or drips of ozonated solutions
    • Major and minor autohemotherapy with ozone
    • Rectal ozone insufflations

    Ozone when introduced over the skin activates the metabolic processes during which many chemical reactions take place which in turn heal the skin from deep underneath.

    Ozone reduces oxidative stress, activates the antioxidant defence system and neutralises the damaging effect of free radicals. It stimulates protein synthesis of collagen and elastin which helps in further repair and maintenance of skin. Ozonated oils are used o treat various kinds of wounds following some chemical reaction which creates disinfecting and stimulatory effect thus modulating the complex healing process.

    Thus ozone has an overall positive impact on the health of the body including strengthening the immune system, stimulating white blood cells, preventing infections, fighting pathogens and reducing any ageing related signs.

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