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Ozone Therapy For Nerve Pain

There are millions of people who suffer the pain and grief caused by neurological disease. Neuropathy is basically the dysfunction of the nervous system, which can affect your daily life significantly. The nervous system is your body’s communication center with nerves that operate like circuit wires. These nerves develop a network and allow the messages/signals to transmit in your entire body for performing specific functions. If there is any kind of interruption in this network, issues arise in your body. Also called peripheral neuropathy, it is now a common issue faced by people across the globe. Ozone therapy for nerve pain has emerged as an effective alternative therapy for the treatment of neuropathy.

The nervous system disruption can happen because of the following reasons:

-Bodily trauma
-Environmental toxin exposure such as medications, alcohol abuse, drugs, etc.
-Diseases and ailments such as cancer, bacterial and viral infection, inflammation, autoimmune disease, etc.

When a nerve experiences trauma or injury, you will witness scarring in the local area, which will restrict the circulation. This hampers the ability of the nerve to cure itself, and this leads to chronic illness of neuropathy. Even oxygen usage gets decreased because of restricted circulation, and this increases the free radical damage.

Thankfully, ozone therapy can be a safe and very effective treatment as it addresses the basic cause of neuropathy.

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    How is ozone therapy for neuropathy beneficial?

    Ozone therapy has been used by healthcare professionals for more than 3 decades. Ozone is being touted as the medicine for the future. The helpful benefits of ozone therapy are because of the increase in oxygen delivery, improvement in blood circulation, immune activation, and increased antioxidant activity. The presence of oxygen helps with the usage of oxygen in the area to be treated and promotes healing. It restores the function of the affected area.

    Prolozone therapy is an effective solution for peripheral neuropathy if the reason is regional injury.

    How is the Therapy Done?

    The therapy offers a quick solution for pain relief followed by regenerating the nerve tissue over time with several treatment sessions. Prolozone therapy is a combination of regenerative prolotherapy and ozone for combating nerve damage as well as swelling.

    During the therapy, ozone injection is administered to the area for stimulating fibroblast activity along with breaking the scar tissue as well as increasing blood supply. The results can be long-lasting and safe. When ozone is combined with prolotherapy, it stimulates body’s stem cells that help with the regeneration of tissues.

    Ozone is directly injected into the impacted tissue near the injured nerve. This triggers body’s defense system and fights cell damage which was caused due to free radical harm/chronic inflammation.

    How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

    The ozone therapy offers pain relief while helping tissue regeneration via activating the stem cells. Through the minimally invasive treatment, a combination of active ozone and oxygen is administered for gaining the anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits. Ozone helps to activate the body’s natural antioxidant system to fight the cell damage due to chronic inflammation.

    The Power of Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy makes use of medical-grade ozone for effectively dealing with different kinds of nerve pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and more. The medical-grade ozone and oxygen work together to enhance the benefits of stem cell therapy minus the risks associated with experimental treatments.

    How does ozone therapy for nerve damage help?

    Nerve damage is a common condition that affects several people. The common signs of nerve damage are:

    -Tingling or numbness in hands and feet.
    -Muscle weakness in legs and arms.
    -The sensation of wearing tight socks or gloves.
    -Dropping objects that you hold on a regular basis.
    -Shooting and sharp pain in arms, feet, legs, and hands.
    -Buzzing sensation, which feels like an electric shock.

    It is to be known that in many cases, nerve damage can be cured completely. There are treatments that can reduce your symptoms and offer the significant relief that you wish for. Ozone therapy is one such treatment that shows drastic results for nerve damage. If you have tried other forms of therapies and medicines and found no relief, it is time to try ozone therapy.

    If the injured nerves are left untreated, they can worsen over time. The damage might start with feet and hands and might go up to legs and arms. It is crucial to get the treatment done in time.

    Is Ozone Therapy Safe?

    Ozone therapy is absolutely safe when it is performed by a medically trained practitioner. You might experience some bruising or swelling on the site of the injection. For most patients, the therapy can take 6 to 10 treatments. However, you start noticing changes within the first 3-4 treatments.

    Ozone therapy is well known for oxidizing various parts of your body. If you are suffering from neuropathy, there are chances that the injured nerves are not able to support the structure around your arteries. The area might develop hypoxia as the flow of oxygen is restricted. Ozone therapy can supply oxygen to these areas and help in healing these areas that have been damaged.

    Ozone therapy can prove to be helpful in treating various forms of neuropathy. It is a condition where nerves get damaged, so promoting a constant supply of oxygen to the area can increase the natural rate of regeneration. It is easy to determine what role ozone therapy plays in the healing process. Oxidizing the areas of the body which are damaged by neuropathy can help improve the health of these areas.

    Our body has its stem cell system, which can repair the damaged cells. The ozone treatment is considered by health professionals a safe, quick, and cost-effective stem cell therapy across the globe. Ozone therapy not only helps in neuropathy treatment but also offers many health benefits. It can improve your overall well-being.


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