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Diagnosis and Treatment For Knee Pain With Ozone Therapy

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    Knee pain is one of the most common problems which is faced by people as and when they start aging. What is more shocking is that even people from the younger generation are getting caught with knee and joint pains, owing to their unhealthy lifestyle. If you are one of such people who suffer from knee pains, it becomes vital to get a timely diagnosis and subsequent treatment for the same, to eliminate any future complications. In such a situation, you can try Ozone therapy for knee pains to effectively treat joint pains, more specifically, to treat pains in the knee joint. You must read this blog further, to know more about ozone therapy for knee pain, how ozone therapy is backed by scientific research’s, and how ozone therapy can aid in providing relief for knee related health conditions such as knee arthritis, and knee osteoarthritis.

    How ozone therapy helps in knee pain?

    Ozone therapy for knee pain is believed to reduce knee pain and uplift the day to day functioning of your knees. This reduction in knee pain would eventually lead to better quality of life and ease in conducting everyday activities. This therapy involves injecting or dispensing ozone gas into the knees of the person who suffers from such pain. The same is done by dispensing an inta articular injection of medical grade ozone. This dispersion of ozone gas in the affected area is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and aid the re-generation of the tissues which are present in the affected and surrounding areas. This claim of linking positive attributes to ozone therapy is backed by a research which was presented by the American College of Rheumatology in its annual meeting which was held in San Francisco.

    Now, lets understand the role of ozone therapy for specific knee problems such as arthritis and knee osteoarthritis.

    Ozone therapy for knee arthritis helps in increase joint mobility and bringing in ease for conducting daily activities. Arthritis is a medical condition which results in swelling and tenderness of joints. Knee arthritis, particularly, is a medical condition pertaining to swelling and tenderness of the knee which results in knee pain.

    This therapy serves a number of benefits, which have been listed further. The first and foremost benefit is increasing the oxygen content in one’s body which helps in accelerating the process involved in active tissue repair. Secondly, ozone therapy is believed to have anti bacterial properties. The presence of anti bacterial properties come as a crucial factor in aiding the treatment of knee arthritis.

    People who suffer from knee arthritis and severe knee pain, are often advised to travel the route of diagnosis by ozone therapy. This therapy is performed at a frequency of 6 to 10 treatments. However, you will start experiencing visible results even after 4 treatments of ozone infusion.

    Now, let’s understand the medical aspect which is related to ozone therapy for knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common form of arthritis. It is also known by the name of degenerative joint disease. This health condition is caused when the cartilage, which is present at the end of the bones, wears down. When the cartilage wears off, the two opposing bones are bound to clash and rub against each other. This rubbing of bones leads to knee pain, which is medically known as osteoarthritis.

    Also, this wearing down can gradually worsen. Thus, the pain which is caused by the same, may increase over time. Consequently, it becomes vital to identify the problem and get involved in timely diagnosis. Excessive wearing down of bone cartilage results in thinning and ir-regularity, which thereby leads to knee pain. The same can be cured by resorting to ozone therapy for knee osteoarthritis. This therapy is believed to have analgesia, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. In medical terms, this infusion of ozone results in activating the cellular metabolism and inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis. It is also known to reduce edema and inflammation around the affected bones. This thereby leads to  reduction in knee pain. If osteoarthritis is not diagnosed at the right time, then this medical condition can also lead to other health conditions such as affecting the surrounding tissues and nerves.

    Ozone injection therapy knee

    Ozone therapy for knee treatment is executed by administering ozone gas, through an injection, in the affected knee in order to treat osteoarthritis and arthritis. These knee problems cause inflammation in the tissues of knee which leads to an oxidative damage. This oxidative damage further leads to joint degeneration. Ozone injection therapy is one of those treatments which helps in the suppression of oxidative damage, which was caused due to inflammation.

    Ozone injection therapy for knee pains is being increasingly followed by people who suffer from this health condition since it is a safe method and can be easily executed. Ozone injection therapy for knee pains is emerging as an alternative treatment to surgery and other invasive treatments. This is because, this therapy serves multiple objectives. These benefits include reduction in inflammation, stimulation of joint repair, improving the functional status of knees, increasing vascularization, and  promotion of growth of fresh cartilage around the affected joint.

    Ozone therapy for knee pains involves no complication at all. This therapy is also backed by low risks and high success rates. It is also a convenient therapy which can be performed under an out patient setting. After the ozone injection has been administered in the affected knee joint, the patient would not even be required to take a break from his or her daily routine as there is no need to recover, unlike any other medical treatment.

    If you have any reservations regarding the possible side effects which this therapy might bring in place, you can get relieved of the same. Ozone therapy is one of the few medical treatments which is free of any side effects. This therapy is medically proven to be safer than Asprin. This claim is based on the relevant incidents which have been reported till date. If you are new to this therapy, you should only initiate this treatment by inhaling or injecting a low dosage of ozone gas. After you have indulged in this treatment for a few weeks, you can gradually increase the dosage as well.

    Thus, ozone injection therapy for knee joints is an effective medical treatment which must be looked upon positively. This serves multiple benefits and would not cause any halt in your day to day activities.

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