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Diseases That Improve With Ozone Therapy

For more than 150 years, Ozone has been used for the treatment of various health conditions and infections. It has been found effective in treating various bacterial, viral, fungal infections as well as autoimmune diseases. Ozone stimulates the immune system in a natural manner thereby complementing any other treatment going on for the ailment.

Further research is going on for applications of ozone in the medical field by stimulating the immune system. It has been found to be effective and complementary in the treatment of a range of diseases as well as for disinfection.

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    For medical use, Ozone is derived from medical-grade oxygen sources. In contrast to conventional medical systems, instead of just treating the symptoms, it works on the root cause of the medical condition.

    Ozone therapy is a great treatment for various chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, spine treatment, herpes, mold exposure, etc. Ozone helps in the oxygenation of the body thus accelerating the healing and recovery. The best part of treatment in Ozone therapy is its natural, non-invasive, and toxin-free nature.

    What is Ozone Therapy Treatment

    Ozone Therapy triggers basically two bodily responses viz. Inactivation of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa) and activation of the immune system. Ozone disrupts the cell wall of the pathogen through oxidation, thus disrupting their entire cycle of multiplication and reproduction.

    There are various methods by which Ozone therapy is provided as per the medical conditions.

    Major forms of the treatment administering ozone include:

    1. Directly through tissue for wounds by providing readily available oxygen to act on it etc.
    2. Intravenously to treat internal disorders like HIV, skin infections, etc.
    3. Intramuscularly through injection.

    Now that we have discussed the basics of Ozone therapy treatment, we move forward to elaborate on diseases that get improved with treatment.

    Ozone therapy

    Ozone Therapy for Cancer treatment

    There have been various publications about the capacity of ozone to induce direct damage on tumor cells as well as to promote the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Therefore, many healthcare professionals advocate its application in cancer treatment.

    Ozone can stimulate adaptive mechanisms in the organisms by influencing the immune system, oxygenation and blood flow, oxidative stress, etc. that can have a direct impact on anticancer therapy.

    Because ozone therapy facilitates readily available oxygen, it also has a great potential for treating hypoxic tumors when combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Research is still going on exploring the potential use of ozone as an adjuvant during cancer treatment.

    Ozone Treatment for Hair and Skin

    Lately, an upcoming beauty treatment that has been gaining trend is ozone therapy for skin rejuvenation as well as an anti-aging treatment. The oxygen skin needs for a youthful texture is provided through ozone therapy thereby increasing the oxygenation and thus helping cells rejuvenate.

    You can take the ozone treatment for home care of skin via ozonated creams, gels, and water.

    They stimulate collagen and elastin besides restoring nerve circulation for cutaneous regeneration. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

    Ozone has also been found effective in addressing hair and scalp issues. In this treatment, ozone is diffused into the hair shaft which builds the root strong by improving the blood supply, fortifying hair follicles, and improving blood circulation. This ensures enough supply of nutrients to the cells thus improving the hair and scalp-related ailments and enhancing the volume of hair.

    Ozone therapy also helps get rid of split ends and frizzy hair. This treatment is great at treating various prevalent hair problems like hair loss, baldness, dandruff, premature graying. Ozone also helps rescue dry and brittle hair by promoting locking moisture into the hair shaft thus nourishing it and giving a lustrous look to the hair.

    Premature graying occurs primarily due to some inhibition in nutritional supply. Ozone therapy enhances this supply efficiency thus providing for better absorption of nutrients by the follicles and hence delaying graying of hair.

    Ozone Therapy Spine Treatment

    Various research trials are under process exploring the application of Ozone in Spine related health conditions, Ozone molecules are found to perform a chemical reaction that may lessen back pain and inflammation.

    Usually, the spinal issues are dealt with using oral medication, gels, physiotherapy, local injections, or surgeries in extreme cases. In treating chronic back pain, ozone injection trials have successfully been done in the setting of herniated disks, spinal stenosis, and failed back surgery syndrome.

    Ozone Therapy Treatment For Herpes

    Herpes is most commonly caused by viruses and is one of the most commonly transmitted diseases. It is caused by two types of viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2.

    For treatment of both Herpes virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2, topical ozone and ozone blood treatment are found to be most effective.

    In the topical ozone method, research says that using ozonated oil on affected areas improves symptoms like itching and pain and also reduces the course of treatment without any adverse effects.

    In ozone IV treatment, blood is disinfected by infusing a small volume of a patient’s blood with ozone gas and injecting it back into the body. This has been found to bring immediate relief to the patient.

    Ozone therapy has come up as a viable alternative treatment for those who want to avoid taking antiviral medications for their potential side effects.

    Ozone Therapy Treatment For Lyme Disease

    In the past few years, Ozone has gained popularity for its success in treating Lyme disease. In Chronic Lyme disease, multi-systemic and multi- symptomatic illnesses occur. It is very critical to treat the disease as the elevated cytokine levels contribute to a wide range of symptoms and antibodies can persist for a longer period even when the infection has resolved. Ozone therapy helps reduce these high levels of cytokines which lead to inflammation and increases the ones that reduce inflammation, thus improving the symptoms.

    Ozone Treatment For Cancer

    Researchers have been working on finding the capacity of Ozone to induce a direct damage effect on tumor cells as well as to complement the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    Thus healthcare professionals are advocating its use in treating cancer. The oxidative properties of ozone help in treating tumor cells.

    For more information, and to get started with ozone therapy, please get in touch with our experts website.

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