Prolozone Therapy

What is Prolozone Therapy ?

Prolozone therapy is considered a revolutionary technique used for treating the damaged ligaments in the joints. Prolozone therapy can be categorized as regenerative medicine. This is because the injection infuses joints with material that stimulates collagen production and ozone gas, which leads to natural healing. It is one of the best nonsurgical treatments for managing injured and painful joints. The therapy is performed with the help of injections.

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    What Is Prolozone Injection?

    The ozone prolozone therapy is done with the help of a special injection for pain relief. The injection stimulates the production of collagen. When the content of the injection combines with the ozone gas, it helps in reconstructing the injured and damaged ligament.

    The purpose is to heal ligaments and relieve the patient of further pain and disability. Prolozone therapy can help in treating and repairing conditions such as back pain, knee arthritis, chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, Sciatica, elbow pain, hip arthritis, carpel tunnel syn

    How Can Prolozone Medication Help?

    The ozone therapy makes use of a form of oxygen for treating arthritis, activating the immune system, and disinfecting the wounds. If you are wondering what is prolozone therapy significance, it is to be known that ozone is a powerful healing agent.

    The work prolozone is made from ‘proliferation’ and ‘ozone’. This holistic approach helps the body to self-correcting any type of injury via healing cells around the injury. The therapy stimulates the cells for proliferation and regrowth. Prolozone therapy is used by the doctor to treat a wide array of chronic/ acute musculoskeletal issues. It is helpful in addressing the pain because the therapy regenerates the damaged ligaments. Once your ligaments get healed, you will get rid of pain forever.

    Osteoarthritis is known for wearing away the cartilage that acts as a protective cushion between the bones. When cartilage gets worn out, the scraping effect from bone-to-bone leads to pain. Prolozone therapy not only helps in restoring the joints but also relieve

    How Do Prolozone Knee Injections Help?

    Before you begin any type of therapy, the doctor will assess the medical history along with the current medications that you are taking. They will also inquire about any blood thinners. After physical examination, the doctor will ask how the symptoms are interfering with your regular activities. The affected areas will be examined.

    After the examination, the doctor will prepare the injection and administer prolozone into the affected area. The injection doesn’t cause much pain. The outcome varies depending on the individual and their capacity to recover.

    The knee injection procedure will be repeated at least 4-6 times at an interval of every two weeks till the time you witness significant improvement. It helps 75% of chronic pain patients in achieving permanent relief from pain.

    What Is the Prolozone Injection Cost?

    It is to be known that the prolozone therapy cost can differ from one doctor to another and the site that is being treated. However, the average cost of a single injection is $150 or more. The number of injections you need will also depend on the intensity of pain.

    What Are The Benefits Of Prolozone Treatment?

    As mentioned above, prolozone therapy injects ozone and nutrients into the painful joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. One of the best parts of the therapy is that it works on a cellular level to stimulate the body’s immunity and increase the quantity of oxygen at the site. It reduces pain and boosts the ability of our body to recover.

    Prolozone helps in encouraging specific cells in the body to create cartilage and collagen. The body uses them for healing the joints and injured ligaments. This restorative process strengthens the damaged tissues, tightens them, and alleviates the pain.

    As far as prolozone injections are concerned, they don’t harm any joints and surrounding tissues. However, they activate the growth factors which encourage, repair, heal, and strengthen the connective tissues of the painful area. Prolozone can permanently help in getting rid of the pain without any side effects. Isn’t it one of the best ways of treating your condition!

    As far as the prolozone injection therapy reviews and feedback are concerned, it is a risk-free procedure. A very small proportion of patients that have been treated with prolozone have experienced allergy or pain. However, most of the patients experience no side effects.

    Another pertinent question concerning people is prolozone therapy FDA approved. The answer is no; FDA has not approved the use of prolozone therapy. However, considering the many benefits of the therapy, you can’t ignore its effectiveness as well as safety.

    Is Ozone And Prolozone Therapy Same?

    The ozone and prolozone therapy are the same! The prolozone therapy is given via injection, which makes use of ozone. Using ozone makes the joints heal faster as compared to other therapies such as prolotherapy.

    Most of the patients share that after the therapy, they experienced 50 to 80% reduction in joint pain. Pre and post-treatment x-rays suggest that knee joints witnessed an increase in thickness of the collagen after undergoing the treatment. It is to be known that prolozone is a permanent treatment for several types of chronic pain. The prolozone word itself means proliferating, regenerating, and rebuilding.

    You might have a question Is prolozone therapy safe? Answer is, it is absolutely safe therapy. In fact, it is to be known that there are no prolozone therapy side effects as all components of prolozone, such as vitamins, minerals, and oxygen, are natural. The only medicine which is used in the procedure is Lidocaine which causes numbness before the injection is administered.


    Considering the above-mentioned information, prolozone therapy can be considered an effective therapy for treating various types of pains. It is known for showing instant relief just with the first injection. But for effective treatment, it is important to take at least 3-5 sessions.

    If you have been suffering and struggling with any kind of pain, prolozone therapy is worth trying. The doctor will plan out the best therapy for meeting your specific needs.

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