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Ozone Therapy For Herpes – Find the Right Therapy

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    Before we begin, you will be surprised to know how commonly the herpes simplex virus is present in adults around the globe. The estimation of reports says that two in four adults have contracted the virus. Once transferred, this virus may even remain dormant in the body for years.

    Herpes virus is usually of two types- herpes type 1 (oral herpes) and herpes type 2 (genital herpes). HSV-1 usually reflects symptoms like cold sores and blisters around the mouth. It may sometimes cause genital herpes as well. Mostly it is HSV-2 that causes herpes around the genitals and rectum.

    Herpes-type 1 is spread through oral sores on the tongue or mouth, through kissing, by sharing toothbrushes, utensils, food etc. Herpes-type 2 is spread solely through sexual contact with someone who has the HSV-2 infection. Herpes virus can stay in the body and be active to transmit without even showing any symptoms. For those once contracted, the virus may take turns going dormant and breaking out on and off.

    The most common symptoms of the outbreak are accompanied by general illness, physical and emotional stress, challenged immunity etc. Although Herpes is not life-threatening and mostly stays dormant, when it flares up it may cause painful symptoms. During pregnancy, the mother might expose the virus to the baby during birth which affects the child’s brain and may cause sometimes blindness.

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes in conventional medicine other than suppressing the symptoms during an outbreak. Ozone therapy is an upcoming field that has been used successfully in treating many autoimmune conditions and health ailments. In the case of herpes, ozone therapy is successful in eradicating the virus from the body thus relieving the patient permanently of any fear of recurring outbreaks and agony.

    Ozone therapy is the process of administering ozone gas into the body with a motive to treat a health condition -a disease or a wound. Ozone is colourless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms bound together by energy. Ozone is anti-microbial and thus helps fight pathogens like bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. Ozone helps accelerate the metabolic rate of oxygen which further results in better regulation of oxidative stress, metabolism, immunological modulator and broad-spectrum germicide. Ozone is found to be effective on a wide range of pathogens.

    Medical ozone therapy herpes

    Ozone therapy is effectively used to treat Herpes virus. It is of great importance in reducing the viral and bacterial load, as a systemic anti-inflammatory, for the reduction in joint pain. There are various ways to administer ozone therapy, one of which is Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) which stimulates white blood cells activity, inactivates toxins, destructs viruses and bacteria. UBI helps in :

    • Increased micro-circulation
    • Increased peripheral circulation
    • Increased blood cell production
    • Regulated blood viscosity

    Ozone therapy has got amazing results for treating various health conditions like cancer, migraines, arthritis, sinus related issues etc as well.

    Ozone has got a high oxidative potential which is why it is known as a bio-oxidative agent as well. During this therapy, ozone is supplied to the body through gas or after dissolving in water to get the desired benefits. Ozone has got the capacity to deactivate any pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast and promotes the healing of oral mucosal lesions.

    There are various methods of administering ozone therapy for herpes patients. One of the most popular them is autohemotherapy. In this therapy, 6 to 12 ounces of blood is removed through a sterilised system. After placing this blood in a container, ozone is injected into the same container and is mixed with the blood. During this mixing, red blood cells and white blood cells get a chance to fuse with the ozone. After a while, this ozonated blood is transferred back into the patient’s body following all the precautions. Now ozone gets delivered into the body along with the blood circulation. Healthy cells that contain enzymes turn the ozone into oxygen, and unhealthy cells are destroyed due to the string oxidising action of ozone on the cell membrane.

    Another method commonly adopted for herpes is Ozone injection. Here ozone is medically injected in close proximity to the affected nerve root for herpes. For example, for herpes simplex 1, ozone is injected into the nerve around the mouth and thus from here oxidative action of ozone starts healing the ailment.

    When ozone is introduced into the body, it triggers an enzyme Disphosphoglycerate (DPG), which plays a role in increasing the oxygen supply to the tissues and cells to function adequately which in turn helps mitigate any anaerobic infections, such as herpes.

    Ozone therapy can also reduce inflammation in the affected area for example around the mouth.

    In the case of genital herpes, ozone helps in the opening of the fallopian tube, which positively affects female infertility of an inflammatory origin. This oxygenation decreases the viruses that cause herpes, HPV and Hepatitis C.

    Several methods complement ozone therapy in the treatment of various health conditions. The two such therapies that can improve one’s health condition and cells are bioresonance therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF).

    Bioresonance therapy helps balance the internal organs that ozone targets and thus helps fight herpes infection. PEMF helps charge a patient’s cells and organs which energizes the body to fight pathogens and strengthen the immune system.

    One more commonly talked about the procedure for ozone therapy is 10 Pass Ozone Therapy which aids in the treatment of herpes. This procedure is similar to autohemotherapy with some modifications. Here 200 ml of blood is drawn from the patient and is mixed with an equal amount of ozone. The ozone here acts on the pathogens and cleanses the blood. This treated blood is re-infused into the patient hyperbarically i.e. under positive pressure which saves the red blood cells from damage. In 10 pass ozone, this drawing and re-infusing of ozonated blood are repeated 10 times. The procedure may take up to two hours. The ozone is a potent antioxidant, that destroys the herpes virus by rupturing its viral capsid and disrupting its reproductive cycle.

    10 pass ozone therapy is also found to treat Lyme disease, inflammations, infections, autoimmune disorders etc. Advantages of 10 pass therapy are as follows:

    • It has the provision to supply the body with a large amount of ozone in a shorter time.
    • One 10 pass treatment can cure multiple ailments
    • In this procedure, pressure is used to protect the red blood cells from damage and also collapse until re-infusion is done.

    Does Ozone therapy cure herpes?

    Once infected, the virus of herpes stays in the body for life unless treated with ozone therapy to destroy it. Studies show It can be eliminated through ozone treatment. Any other treatment procedure like antivirals etc. do not have the capacity to eliminate the virus but just to soothe the symptoms. All over the world, Ozone has been used to cure infections that normally cannot be fixed as in the case of Herpes. Most importantly, medical ozone does not come with any adverse effects or reactions, unlike pharmaceuticals. Ozone is being used successfully in more than 50 countries and for around more than 70 years to treat various health conditions including herpes.

    To learn more about medical ozone therapy please go to our official website.

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