Benefits & Diseases Cured with Ozone Ear Insufflation

Ozone is a compound consisting of three molecules of oxygen bonded together. Commonly known as a shield to UV for life on earth, Ozone is found in the stratosphere at higher altitudes.

Ozone is of great importance in the medical field. Under controlled dosages/concentrations, it has amazing therapeutic effects on the human body by triggering important biochemical mechanisms with little toxicity. It helps treat wounds, boost antioxidant systems, relieve pain, and act as an antimicrobial.

There are various methods of administering ozone viz. Rectal insufflation, vaginal insufflation, ozonated water, monitored inhalation- called ozone oil breathing. One such method that we are going to elaborate on here is Ozone Ear Insufflation.

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    Ozone therapy Ear insufflation

    Insufflation therapy procedure involves blowing air into a body cavity, here ear cavity. Ear insufflation, also known as Auricular insufflation sometimes, is an ozone therapy where medical grade ozone gas is introduced into the ear canal over a while like several minutes with the help of a modified stethoscope. Small puffs of air are applied to the eardrum which helps instant relief to migraine and headache symptoms. It helps stimulate nerve receptors in patients’ ears that resets the pain centres in the brain.

    The ozone gas has strong disinfecting and antimicrobial properties which help kill pathogens and prevent infections. This therapy is useful in treating ear infections, vertigo, tinnitus, brain fog, sinus infections etc.

    Ozone insufflation has been researched as an effective method of treating ear infections and sterilizing ear chambers to avoid any further signs of infections. Countless patients have got their quality of life improved with ozone ear insufflation.

    Benefits of Ozone Ear Insufflation Therapy

    Ozone being an antimicrobial agent inactivates and kills bacteria, protozoa, yeast, fungi and virus. It is a powerful oxidant and so improves circulation and decreases inflammation. It helps improve oxygen efficiency and thus body feels more energetic. This therapy also helps decrease brain fog and stimulates positive effects in the brain.

    In the ear also, ozone sterilizes the pathogens and stimulates growth factors on the skin, which aid in healing and repair.

    In sinus infections and blockages, ozone travels throughout the sinus cavity through the tubes connecting the ear and sinus through ear insufflation therapy and helps provide relief.

    Other than above, ozone therapy can have mind-blowing effects on the health of the brain thus making one feel alive and fresh.

    The ozone therapy effect can be compared with the effect created by exercise on the body. Both of them create a certain amount of stress which causes a large response in the body to heal, repair and maintain homeostatic balance.

    Ear insufflation treatment is getting popular amongst the masses as a form of drug-free treatment for improving various health conditions like migraines, headaches etc. It is a safe, quick and non-invasive kind of therapy. The therapy is easy, repeatable and can be performed at the comfort of home if so advised by the doctor. To practice at home, one needs an ozone generator and some easy to set up accessories along with it.

    Ozone ear insufflation side effects

    Ozone ear insufflation has minimal risks usually if performed correctly with proper equipment. Although the dosages need to be taken care of stringently to avoid any irritation to the ear canal. If a strong dose leads to irritation or ozone sensitivity, then one can either lower the dosage or discontinue ear insufflation therapy at least for a while and take expert advice. this irritation although goes on its own, so there is nothing major to worry about.

    Ozone is not supposed to be breathed into the lungs else it may irritate the lung tissue. Prolonged exposure needs to be taken care of as it may trigger some health concerns.

    Ear insufflation is also helpful in treating sinus and throat infections and also in treating swollen glands and the common cold.

    Ozone being dry may cause some itching, scabbing or swelling of the ears. So to cover this up, they may use a humidifier along with the ear insufflation equipment while performing the procedure.

    There are some condition in which may need stay away from ear insufflation like pregnant women, allergic or sensitive to ozone, having a punctured eardrum. Another alternative to combat this dryness is to use a cotton swab with ozone water.

    As the ozone kills bacteria, it may give rise to the Herxheimer reaction where some by-products are released during this which may cause irritation and inflammation.

    Some other side effects that may appear are pain, itching, tinnitus, swelling, liquid discharge from rash etc.

    One suffering constantly from a chronic ear infection, migraine etc and who is not very comfortable taking drugs and antibiotic treatment, may for sure opt for ozone ear insufflation. Just make sure to take care of all the precautions. Take expert advice before starting the treatment.


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